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3 Tips on How to Use a Pressure Washer

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Summer is a lovely time to sit out on the back patio and have friends and family over for a nice BBQ. You will probably want to have your deck nice and clean to start your summer off! Pressure washing is an excellent way to clean off the dirt and grime.

Avoid Common Pressure Washing Mistakes

Here are three pro tips to ensure you know how to use a pressure washer efficiently and effectively:

  1. Soak up the suds. If you are using a pressure washer detergent to clean tough stains, let it soak for a few minutes so the detergent can attach itself to the stain in order for it to be easily removed.
  2. Be consistent with your pressure. Be sure to keep the nozzle perpendicular to the area you’re cleaning and keep a steady, consistent motion to avoid streaking.
  3. Leave enough drying time. If you plan on painting or sealing your deck after you pressure wash it, be sure to leave it to dry for at least 48 hours to keep the surface looking newer for longer.

Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to a sparkling deck. If you’re not sure whether you should pressure wash your patio yourself or hire a professional, read our blog post comparing the two options.


How to use a pressure washer

Vancouver’s Friendliest Pressure Washing Pros

If you’re looking for that professional touch, give us a call! We can get rid of your toughest stains and make your deck BBQ worthy.


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  1. Such an informative post you had shared. You defined the process clearly. Thanks for sharing this.your tips will help me to use a pressure washer correctly. Keep posting this type of helpful articles. 🙂

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