Home Maintenance: Cleaning Patio Furniture

Home Maintenance: Cleaning Patio Furniture

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When the sun comes out in Vancouver, you want to be out enjoying it if at all possible! Nowadays, outdoor patios can be just as warm and cozy as indoor seating areas. With that being said, it’s really quite easy to keep your outdoor patio furniture spotless and free from debris. Just follow these simple steps to cleaning patio furniture and get optimum enjoyment out of your private sanctuary:

Cleaning Patio Furniture: Plastic and Vinyl

For plastic furnishings, mix a little dish soap, some borax and half a cup of peroxide into three to four litres of water. Let the mixture sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and use it to scrub all your plastic outdoor furniture with a nylon brush before rinsing well. Test a small area first to be sure the peroxide does not react negatively with the furniture.

Cleaning Patio Furniture: Wooden

If winter’s cold, wet and damp weather has left your wood furniture covered with mildew, you’ll need to start with a thorough cleaning using an oxygenated bleach like Oxi-Clean or a solution like Jomax. Just like the plastic procedure above, test first, then apply the solution and let it sit for a while. Then, scrub and rinse it away. A pressure washer can help with this job, but be careful to use it on the lowest setting, as too much force will ruin your wood. Also, be careful not to let any of the bleach-based cleaning solution get on your cushions.

After the furniture dries thoroughly, oil the wood surfaces with a sealant or preservative that is appropriate to the material. You can clean the furniture a couple of times a month with a bar of oil soap.

Cleaning Patio Furniture: Metal 

Metal furniture is easiest to clean, using just soapy water and elbow grease. If you find any rust or stains, you can clean those with fine-grit sandpaper and touch up the worn area with paint. For badly rusted furniture, you can sand thoroughly and then repaint the entire piece with rust-prohibiting paint.

Exposure to sunlight is a great, natural way to keep furniture clean. Sunshine stops moss and mildew from growing, so occasionally move furniture kept in shady areas into full sun and let nature do its work!

When summer ends and the cooler temperatures arrive, you will want to store or at least cover your furniture. Cushions can be stored in a deck box or plastic tote. Make sure to clean furniture thoroughly before putting it away.

Click here to watch a video on how to effectively clean your furniture.


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