Home Maintenance Safety Tips: Introduction

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Just the other week I was at my son’s apartment here in Vancouver along with my daughter and her family who were visiting from Alberta. My son had prepared breakfast and after everything was cleaned up, we decided that the window which had been propped up to provide some air flow, could now be closed. My son lives in an old “character” style apartment with large lift up windows. There is a hook that can be pulled down to hold these very heavy windows in place when opened but it’s handier to grab a book or something like that and just prop it, which is what he had done.

I saw what was about to happen just a split second before it did. My daughter’s hand was resting on the window ledge when she pulled the book out. The very heavy window fell on her hand with a sickening thud followed by the sound of her scream. We quickly sprang to action, lifting the window off of her but of course it was too late. Her hand immediately began to swell and turn a deep purple but I am happy to report that nothing was broken.

Every moment of every day, countless accidents happen in and around what should be our safe place to land. Spring is typically the time of year when we start thinking about all the work that needs to be done around our homes. In these next few blog posts, we will take a look at safety tips especially as they relate to preventative home maintenance. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones avoid unnecessary pain and hardship.

We are grateful that the incident described above did not have a much worse outcome. It was a valuable (but painful) lesson learned!

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