Metro Vancouver’s Pressure Washing Ban

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If you’re wanting pressure washing for your house, walkway, driveway, or paths, you’re out of luck. As you may have heard, Metro Vancouver implemented Stage 2 Restrictions for their Water Shortage Response Plan on July 3. Due to ongoing hot and dry weather, the water supply is decreasing.

Stage 2 Restrictions mean that pressure washing for the purpose of aesthetic cleaning will not be permitted. This applies to both private and commercial pressure washing. The only exceptions to the new rules include instances where people’s health and safety are at risk, or if you’re preparing a driveway for painting or sealing.

Stage 2 restrictions also mean that lawn watering is now limited to once a week in Metro Vancouver. You’re going to be seeing a lot more “golden” lawns around.

Here’s more information about the Stage 2 Water Restrictions:
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When will the Stage 2 Water Restrictions be lifted and pressure washing available? No one knows for sure. According to the Province, last week, reservoir levels hit 79 per cent of maximum capacity, the lowest percentage recorded since 1987. Metro Vancouver needs rain to fill up their reservoir levels, and once they are back to an adequate level in the reservoirs, they will move back to Stage 1.

If you need pressure washing, we offer a complimentary notification when Metro Vancouver moves back to Stage 1 Restrictions, which will mean that our pressure washing service (which, by the way, is amazing) is available again. Simply fill out the form below to get this complimentary no-strings-attached notification service.

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