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How to Save Birds From Crashing Into Your Windows

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In today’s post, we give you tips on how to save our aviary friends from crashing into your windows.

I must admit that at least once in my lifetime, I have walked full force into a glass partition of some kind. My only defence…it was so clean that it appeared to be an open doorway! I think my ego was more bruised than my face.

Birds on the other hand are losing their lives to the tune of close to a billion per year due to flying head on into glass. Many of us have heard that “thud” as one hits our window, or have found a bird carcass lying near a window. Most are killed instantly while others are stunned and then fall prey to cats, gulls or other predators.

Birds often strike windows because they see a reflection of clouds, sky or trees which gives the mistaken impression that they are flying into open air. There are a number of ways a homeowner can detract from this illusion and thereby reduce collisions.

1. Bird Feeders – These can be placed close to a window (within 3 feet) so that the birds visiting the feeder can’t get up enough flight speed to be injured.

2. Installing a pattern with negative space not greater than 4 x 2 inches on your window are effective and inexpensive.

3. Make vertical tape strips about 4 inches apart or horizontal strips about 2 inches apart.

4. Keep the blinds drawn. This won’t be effective if there are strong reflections of the landscape in the window.

5. Hang wind chimes or decorative objects near the windows, inside or outside.

6. Place a hawk silhouette on your window. Most smaller birds will avoid hawks, especially the sharp-shinned hawk which flies low into cover and preys on small birds. The key is to have the silhouette on the outside of the window using a suction cup with some fishing line so that it swings in the wind.

A few more permanent solutions include:

1. Install a frosted or opaque window film. You can get films that look opaque from the outside but allow views out.

2. Install mesh window screens.

3. Install unobtrusive netting.

With some creativity and imagination, you should be able to enjoy seeing the birds outside your windows while keeping them safe.



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