How to fix a leaky gutter corner

How to Fix a Leaky Gutter Corner

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Want to know how to fix a leaky gutter corner? Well, the easiest way to tell if you have any leaks in your gutter corners is to take a look at them shortly after a good rain shower.  This way you won’t confuse the dripping with raindrops coming down the outside of the corner. If the corner sealant has failed, you will see dripping from the faulty corner.

Some other signs of a leaky gutter corner are mold, moss growing on the outside of the corner, drip marks on the ground directly underneath, blackened fascia board behind the corner, and paint peeling off of fascia board behind the corner.

If it’s not dripping on you or pooling on the ground, why bother repairing you ask?

While you may or may not experience immediate inconvenience from a leaky corner, the real damage is done over time. When a corner’s sealant has failed, water and moisture will get behind it to the structure to which the gutter is attached resulting in rotting. This will cause the gutter to detach which will cause moisture to seep up to the rafters and further up into the roofing structure causing water damage there.

When this problem is left unattended for too long it will become more than a mere gutter problem. Water damage related issues can turn into extensive, not to mention expensive, structural repairs. We can help! Give us a call and we would be happy to check your corners and repair as needed.


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