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How to Improve the Appearance of Your Home by Just Cleaning

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Are you wondering how to give your house curb appeal? Perhaps you’ve given thought to re-decorating, re-tiling, or converting your home, but rest assured, there’s an easier way! Home exterior cleaning can breathe new life into the look of your house, improving the market value, and bringing you more joy.  Improving My Home Aesthetics I found that improving my home …

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Pressure Washing

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Pressure washing is an extremely effective and powerful tool for exterior cleaning. But, their power can cause them to leave behind more harm than good if they aren’t used properly. That’s why it’s important that you learn how to do pressure washing correctly before proceeding. Keep reading for our top power washing advice when it comes to cleaning your home’s …

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A Guide To Office Block Property Maintenance

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Property maintenance or building cleaning isn’t just for homeowners. If you’re a property developer, building manager, or business owner, then you know that building cleaning is a big responsibility. Ensuring that your apartment or office block is well maintained on the outside is just as important as tidying up on the inside. Keeping your property well maintained has some valuable …

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Winter Property Maintenance: What You Need To Know

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Winter property maintenance is just as important as maintaining your home in the summer. It helps prevent damage, gutter problems, and leaks while ensuring your home is a safe environment to live in.  While it doesn’t seem like the best time to be cleaning the exterior of your home, it’s a key time to ensure your home is prepared and …

Three Common Power Washing Problems To Watch For

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Shotgun & Artillery Fungus You may have noticed tiny black specks on your siding, that are nearly impossible to remove. Frequently mistaken for insect excrement, these black spots are the mature spore bodies of Shotgun fungus.  Shotgun fungus (Sphaerobolus Stellatus) gets its name by firing spore masses in the air. The spores fired into the air can reach heights of …

Spring Exterior and Gutter Cleaning

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Spring cleaning has a broad and impactful role in home and property maintenance, especially in Vancouver. There are several essential actions that homeowners should take to preserve the value of their home and to boost curb appeal. Two important exterior areas that should be regularly cleaned are the gutters and exterior surfaces. Gutter Cleaning – February Gutter cleaning may seem …

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Moss & Algae: How to Protect Your Home

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Vancouver has an average of 166 rainy days per year, allowing moss and algae to thrive in our beautiful (but wet) city. While rain is great for our lush environment, it’s not so great for our homes because it causes moss and algae to build up. The main factors of moss and algae growth are moisture, shade, and close proximity to …

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Pressure Washing – Do It Yourself vs. Professional Service

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Pressure washing your home is an important part of keeping your home well maintained and now that summer is here and patio time is in full swing, you may be thinking of doing some pressure washing around the house. A question you may ask yourself is whether you should do the pressure washing yourself, or hire a professional. The equipment …

Metro Vancouver Returns to Stage 1 Water Restrictions (Pressure Washing is Back)

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Metro Vancouver just announced in a Press Release that water restrictions will return to Stage One, effective immediately and ending October 15. The recent rain has helped to restore the water levels in the reservoirs back to 50% of their storage capacity and the cooler temperatures have led to reduced water consumption. Stage 3 water restrictions were implemented from July 20 …