Start in a career in professional property maintenance services with Umbrella Property Services.

Giving Back to Our Community

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In April, our team wanted to give back to our community by running a Food Drive for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. It is with great pleasure that we announce the results of our efforts! On April 9, 2020, we sent two of our Umbrella vans to collect food donations from clients’ homes and offices throughout the day. The generosity …

Umbrella Property Services provides professional gutter cleaning services in Vancouver.

Why Gutter Cleaning is Important in Vancouver

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Healthy gutters are the key to keeping a healthy home. In a city like Vancouver, unobstructed gutters are crucial to keeping your property free from leaks, water damage and deterioration. By keeping your gutters clear of dirt, sticks, leaves and other items, you will ensure proper flow of rainwater and reduce the risk of damage to the interior or exterior …

Start in a career in professional property maintenance services with Umbrella Property Services.

Umbrella’s Response to COVID-19

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In these challenging times, we at Umbrella Property Services are taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously and are following best practices in regards to the current environment. We are continuing to operate and are taking bookings for your exterior cleaning projects. Our staff are staying home if they’re not feeling well, are regularly washing their hands, are regularly cleaning the …

Why Should I Use An Exterior Cleaning Concierge?

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Does the idea of having a stranger come into your home make you feel uncomfortable? It should. While it can be infrequent, at some point we’ve all heard horror stories regarding trades or delivery people in the home of friends or family members. You’ll hear stories conveying the minor things (leaving muddy footprints on the floor) to the major (stolen …

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Going Green At Home

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Going Green At Home Here at Umbrella Property Services we are always making a conscious effort to improve our environmental impact in a positive way. We’ve made a number of changes to help us reduce, reuse and conserve and want to share what we’ve been up to with you! Water Conservation We know the nature of our work requires the …

grandma cleaning windows. Umbrella Property Services cleans windows does it the right way.

Window Cleaning: How NOT To Do It

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How NOT To Clean Your Windows If not done properly or safely, window cleaning can be a dangerous job. Here at Umbrella Property Services, we put our employees through a rigorous training program so they are prepared for all situations. As you can see in the pictures below, these people have not gone through any sort of training. Please do …

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The Importance of Home Maintenance: Fall & Spring Cleaning Checklists

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Home maintenance is essential for your home’s upkeep and longevity. Regular inspection of your property’s exterior, appliances, heating and cooling, plumbing, security, and electrical systems will help prevent breakdowns, save money, and keep your home looking its best. On top of a monthly inspection of your home, it is a good idea to have a fall and spring specific checklist. …