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Vancouver Home Maintenance: How To Get My Patio Spring Ready?

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Home maintenance in Vancouver is a challenging task. The damp, cold winter can take a major toll on the exteriors of your home, especially on your patio. When the patio area remains untouched for all those winter months, the buildup of debris and mould can cause it to slowly rot or look shabby over time. As springtime kicks in, it’s important to get your outdoor space ready for spring parties and barbecue nights with your family and friends. 

In order to enjoy the warm weather, chirping birds, blossoming flowers, and green grasses from your patio, you need to start sprucing it up now. 

If you’re unsure of where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to let you in on our professional tips and tricks on how to clean your patio.

Here are 3 ways you can bring your patio back to life this spring season. 

Pressure Washing Your Patio

An unwashed patio will cause mould and mildew to grow, which can lead to premature rotting. Make a point to pressure wash your patio to remove all the grime and debris, and get it ready for use. 

Pressure washing is a detailed task that requires you to take some measures to ensure you get the job done in a safe manner. It is important to protect yourself with safety gear, whether they’re goggles, boots, and gloves, to avoid serious injuries. It is also imperative that you choose the right amount of pressure to clean your patio floors, by tilting the device at the appropriate angle and distance from the floor.

Since pressure washing is highly technical, it’s recommended that you leave the job up to the professionals who provide pressure washing services. At Umbrella Property Services, our team of trained experts will be happy to help! With the right tools and equipment in place, we’ll get your patio cleaned in no time. 

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote for our property maintenance services!  

Wipe Down Patio Furniture

Since your patio furniture found a home in storage for the past few months, it would be a good idea to give it a thorough inspection and touch up upon taking them out. Wipe down your furniture and get rid of any dust that may have accumulated over time. Just remember that different types of furniture need different cleaning materials

For instance, metal surfaces need a soft cloth and a metal protection solution to clean any rust that may have formed during the winter months. For wicker furniture, make sure you go through each hole on your chairs and tables to clean it out and check for damage. Now, this may take a while but you will find your patio furniture looking brand new once you’re done cleaning it.  

Reseal Wood Surfaces

Reseal your patio floor to avoid any gaps and splinters possibly sticking out. This ideally should be done on a yearly basis to keep the wood safe from rot and pests, and to make your patio look fresh and brand new at the start of each season. Make sure you buy outdoor wood treatments, especially treatments from the same brand so your patio floor colour remains consistent every season. 

If you’re unsure of how to go about it or need some direction, we’re here for you. Our house exterior cleaning services can help you with a variety of your home maintenance needs.

Contact us and one of our professionals at Umbrella Property Services will take good care of your patio, and get it spring-ready so that you can enjoy the warm weather with your loved ones and friends. 



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