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Maintaining Your Summer Garden and Home Exterior

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While the rest of Canada is cooling down, the Greater Vancouver area is still exhibiting summer temperatures. The blue skies, buzzing bumblebees, and breath-taking sunsets don’t want to leave us just yet, and we’re in no hurry to see them go either. With a longer summer on our hands, it’s important to ensure your garden area and home exterior is clean and well-maintained for those family gatherings, patio BBQs, and outdoor games and events. 

At Umbrella Property Services, we take it upon ourselves to leave your property looking host-worthy, lush, and well-looked-after. 

Here are 4 professional ways you can maintain your summer garden and home exterior.

Beautify Your Garden Area with Landscaping

With summer around for a few months now, you might have to spruce up your garden area to make it more aesthetically pleasing and inviting to guests. 

With gorgeous lush grass and abundant greenery in Vancouver, there are many ways to elevate your overall garden design. Consider adding colourful planters, herbs, fruits, and other vegetables to your garden area. If you already have a garden in place, control unwanted weeds, and trim any overgrowing plants and shrubs. 

The clean-up will enhance the garden’s look, make it more welcoming, and add value to your home. It’s time to share getting those gardening tools out, and spend your day soaking in the sun and sprucing up your home. 

Clean Your Windows

As beautiful as windows look clear, stain-free, and shining, the slightest amount of dust, dirt, or smear can turn them into an eye-sore and make them unappealing from the outside. In Vancouver, it’s almost impossible to go through the summer months without having your windows properly cleaned, from the inside and outside. 

We know how much time window cleaning can take up, especially if you have a larger home with many glass screens and windows. We get it, exterior property cleaning and maintenance is a lot of work, and busy schedules make it challenging for you to get to all these tasks. This is why Umbrella Property Services steps in to help you out. 

We value your time and your home, and are happy to take on the extra work so that you have some breathing room for yourself. Our team of professionals have the knowledge, special equipment, and expertise needed to leave your windows streak-free and shining. 

Increase Your Curb Appeal 

With frequent visits from friends and family, your driveway has been home to many of your guests’ cars and vehicles driving back-and-forth. This can lead to a buildup of oil, dirt, and other debris. 

Transform your home exterior affordably and reliably with pressure washing services. From siding to sidewalks, and almost every surface in between, pressure washing is a foolproof way to boost your curb appeal. 

Just remember that pressure washing is a technical task and does require prior knowledge and specialized tools to get the job done. If you’re unsure of how to get it done, we have a team of trained professionals at Umbrella Property Services who are happy to pressure wash your driveway for you. 

Pressure Wash Your Patio

Heavy usage can lead to grime, mould, and mildew accumulating on your patio floors. Refresh your patio’s look for the rest of summer by cleaning the surface. Keep hosting those BBQ nights, afternoon teas, and kids’ playdates in a clean and fresh environment. 

Pressure washing your patio, just like your driveway, will not only remove all the dirt and debris but will also help you maintain the area better in the winter months by reducing accumulation. Since pressure washing is highly technical, it’s recommended that you leave the job up to the professionals who provide pressure washing services. At Umbrella Property Services, our team of trained experts are happy to help! Our team knows how to choose the right amount of pressure to clean your patio floors, by tilting the device at the appropriate angle and distance from the floor, and have safety gear to ensure the job gets done smoothly. 

Now that you know how to spruce up your garden area and exterior property for the remaining summer months, it’s important to get on it as quickly as possible. With Fall about a month away, take advantage of the remaining summer weeks to continue hosting the perfect outdoor events, dinners, and family gatherings. 

Contact one of our professionals at Umbrella Property Services to take good care of your property’s exterior and garden area, and give them the servicing they need. Your homes matter to us. 


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