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A Guide To Office Block Property Maintenance

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Property maintenance or building cleaning isn’t just for homeowners. If you’re a property developer, building manager, or business owner, then you know that building cleaning is a big responsibility. Ensuring that your apartment or office block is well maintained on the outside is just as important as tidying up on the inside.

Keeping your property well maintained has some valuable benefits. For starters, your building’s exterior is often a customer’s impression of you and your business. But maintenance is about more than just looking good: thoroughly cleaning a structure on a regular schedule also helps keep things like stonework, roofing, and windows from deteriorating prematurely.

However, apartment and office block property maintenance is no small task, and if you’re the person responsible for these buildings, then you likely already have enough on your plate. If this situation sounds familiar, then you may want to consider hiring a property maintenance service to help.

Benefits of having your property managed for you


It’s not uncommon for people to try their hand at tasks like pressure washing and window cleaning. But if you or your staff aren’t familiar with how to do these things properly, there’s a good chance the job won’t be done as well as necessary. A trained professional maintenance technician knows how to use the tools of the trade and brings ample experience and training to the job.


As with any chore, caring for your building’s exterior takes time (especially if you want to do it right!). Of course, if you’re managing a building or running a business, maintenance tasks aren’t the only things on your to-do list. Having your property managed for you frees up time in your schedule, allowing you to focus on other important things.


Exterior property maintenance comes with some inherent risks. Tasks like apartment window washing or gutter cleaning involve working from heights, and equipment such as pressure washers and lifts can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Anyone who attempts to do these tasks without the proper training and experience becomes a liability. At times like this, it’s often better to leave the tricky jobs to the professionals.

How often is property maintenance required?

There are a couple of factors that may influence how often you hire a professional property maintenance service to take care of your apartment or office block. One is the value you place on curb appeal. If your building sees a lot of customer traffic, or you just want to make sure you’re always putting your best foot forward, you’ll want to have a team come by to clean your windows and pressure wash your walls and roof more often. 

Another thing to consider is the environment around your building. If the property you manage is located along a busy road or city, or in a climate that sees a lot of rain or extreme weather, you’ll also want to arrange for more regular maintenance. This is because things like vehicle exhaust, moisture, and atmospheric chemicals not only make your building dirtier but degrade the structure as well.

While how often you choose to hire a professional property maintenance service is up to you, we recommend keeping a regular schedule of every three to six months.

Hiring a property maintenance service

When choosing a service to take care of your apartment building or office block, look for a company that offers a range of services that are backed with experience you can trust.

At Umbrella Property Services, our team is made up of highly experienced technicians who specialize in property maintenance across Vancouver and the surrounding area. Our skilled staff has proudly been providing window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, concrete sealing, and painting services since 2008.

Ready to book? Contact us for a quote and let us take care of your property maintenance for you!

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