Moss On Your Roof?

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Algae and lichen are much less destructive to roofs than moss and for the most part, it is usually unnecessary to remove them other than for cosmetic reasons.

Moss is the real enemy. Moss holds moisture and roofs with moss on them dry out slower which in turn speeds up the wear and tear effect on the roof. Another reason moss is so harmful to your roof is that the roots of the moss force the material of the shingles apart, causing them to break down quicker. To summarize, moss shortens the lifespan of your roof.

Additionally, moss will roll off your roof and clog your gutters, downpipes, drain tiles, etc. Inevitably, it will also end up all over your yard.

Typically moss grows on your roof because of shade from surrounding trees, all that Vancouver rain, and grime and other minerals depositing on your roof from the environment.

There are some effective products on the market for dealing with the moss on your roof. Brushing also helps. Pressure washing is NOT a good solution and in fact causes other problems you don’t want to have.

Best solution? Give us a call! Our workers are trained and equipped to clean your roof safely and effectively. We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

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