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Steps For Cleaning Your Blinds

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If you’re like me, vacuuming, dusting and washing floors are done on a fairly regular basis. But what about the blinds? Dust settles and builds on them just as it does on other surfaces in our home. When the window is open, the dirt and grime from the outdoors just adds to this unwanted accumulation.

Here are some simple steps you can take to keep your blinds sparkling…or at the very least, clean!

For wood, plastic or metal blinds

1. Pick up some micro fibre cloths or just use an old sock.

2. Dip the sock in some water with a little vinegar

3. Run the slats through your thumb and fingers, one at a time

4. Rinse your cloth periodically

5. If you have stubborn grime on your blinds, try using a small steam cleaner to loosen it and then wipe it off

Vacuuming your blinds regularly using a small brush or using a feather duster regularly can keep the dust from building up after you have given your blinds a good cleaning. You can also run a sheet of bounce or some other fabric softener along the slats which will keep the dust from building up.

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