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Three Common Power Washing Problems To Watch For

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Shotgun & Artillery Fungus

You may have noticed tiny black specks on your siding, that are nearly impossible to remove. Frequently mistaken for insect excrement, these black spots are the mature spore bodies of Shotgun fungus. 

Shotgun fungus (Sphaerobolus Stellatus) gets its name by firing spore masses in the air. The spores fired into the air can reach heights of between two and thirty feet!  From whatever height they reach, the discharged spores fall – landing on anything from siding, downspouts to windows. 

Once landed, the longer these spores have been in place, the harder they are to remove. In most cases, Umbrella Property Services can generally remove most of the shotgun fungus. Using a pressure washer, our expert team can usually “skin” the outer surfaces of the spore. Once the outer layer is removed, it leaves the spore exposed to the sun, which bleaches the spots.

Currently, no product kills shotgun fungus. Through regular pressure washing you can, however, keep the fungus at bay. 

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Oxidation is caused when metal is exposed to rain or humidity. A relevant example of oxidation occurs when aluminum gutters are exposed to rain. When conditions are wet, the metal starts to stain a grayish film. In the hotter months, this film then bakes onto the gutters.  

While pressure washing works well on vinyl siding, it does little to get rid of oxidation found on most trim and gutters around the home. Only a long gruelling scrubbing will remove the severe case of oxidation. Oxidation stains are one of the most challenging stains to remove successfully.


Occasionally, when pressure washing your residence, a little water gets behind the siding. Hours after the service provider has left, the water starts to make its way onto the exterior surface of your siding. As it drips out, the water will usually bring some dirt out with it: causing a mark down the side of the home — a quick spray with the garden hose to rinse away the mark left by runoff.

At Umbrella Property Services, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible care. Speak to our experts today and make a power washing booking.


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