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Top Reasons to Clean Gutters Properly

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Clogged gutters in British Columbia’s wet climate can wreak havoc on your home, not to mention your pocketbook!

Are you among the many people who neglect cleaning their gutters properly for several years at a time? It might even seem that this is without any consequence to you. However, this neglect will come back to bite you.

You may ask, “what is the worst that can happen?

  • One of the worst possible outcomes is water damage that over time causes mold. Mold is a serious health risk to those living in the home.
  • If your gutters are clogged, the water will find its way into your roof, down your walls and can even damage your foundation, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs.

There are lots of variables to consider when properly maintaining your gutters.

  • Besides the obvious clogged gutters, make sure that all of the hardware attaching the gutters to your home is in good shape.
  • Check for standing water and make sure your gutter is angled properly.
  • Look for gutters that leak and have physical damage.

“Is this something that I can do myself?” you ask. Yes…as long as you take all the necessary safety precautions when using a ladder and going onto your roof. Be prepared to spend lots of time on a not so pleasant (but necessary) task.

Hiring a professional is most often the best option and will ensure that the job is done safely and thoroughly. In addition to cleaning your gutters, a professional will check your hardware and make recommendations to ensure the best outcome. They can be called in an emergency as time is of the essence when it comes to water damage.

Gutter cleaning should be done at least once a year, twice a year is best. With all the demands on your time, hiring a professional will not only give you the time it would have taken you to do the job, it will also give you peace of mind, knowing that your investment is being well taken care of.

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