Why Should I Use An Exterior Cleaning Concierge?

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Does the idea of having a stranger come into your home make you feel uncomfortable? It should.

While it can be infrequent, at some point we’ve all heard horror stories regarding trades or delivery people in the home of friends or family members. You’ll hear stories conveying the minor things (leaving muddy footprints on the floor) to the major (stolen items/objects from around your home) and it can make you feel a little bit unsure when it comes to having an unfamiliar person around your home.

In booking your next exterior cleaner, you should be sourcing 5 star service – this is what both you and your home deserve. Here are 5 common mistakes people have made before coming to Umbrella Property Services for Exterior Cleaning Services. 

One – Not asking to see current proof of insurance or licence
Ensuring that you are not liable for a tradesperson’s injuries should something terrible happen is your first point of call before letting someone service your home. Remember that exterior cleaning jobs are inclusive of (but not limited to): gutter cleaning, window washing and pressure washing. 2 of those 3 options would for the most part require a ladder. If your tradesperson did not have that insurance cover, you could be liable for any injuries sustained should they fall and hurt themselves.  

Two – Verified reviews 

Google and social media reviews can tell you a lot about a local business and the service they provide

The internet has made information easily accessible, especially when it comes to product or service reviews. Always give do a quick overlook of the company online – specifically their google listing, rating and associated reviews. No business is perfect and a 5 Star rating is highly unlikely, however, anything from 4.5 stars up should be the service for you.

Three – The cheap Vs expensive service option
Getting bang for your buck is key here. The most expensive option is not always the best and for the most part, there is a highly likely chance that a small business is out there ready to provide the same quality and service for a better price. Some key points to look for when booking a service:
Quality / new equipment – to perform services
– Turnaround times on a written quote – not only do you want your exterior cleaning inquiry responded to in a timely manner, you always want it provided to you via email so that you can hold the company accountable. This also applies to turnaround times with amendments to the work order. Have this on the work order or specifically written on an email referencing changes to the previous order.
You are hiring a qualified tradesperson – don’t skimp on the price because – at the end of the day –  you are hiring an insured, qualified person to do a job that you most likely cannot do yourself (thus seeking them out).

Remember that you are employing a qualified tradesperson, and this can reflect in the price

Four – Booking an estimate without understanding it!
Sometimes, the terminology used in a written estimate can have a bunch of goobledygook. Know that you’re within your right to seek clarification on the work before signing the dotted line and it never hurts to ask.

Five – Not hiring an established company

Find an exterior services company that has been in business for at least two years and who guarantees their work –  Some people decide that they can make some fast cash by gutter cleaning. Such companies may clean gutters for a season or two and then disappear.  You want to work with a local company who is established and will guarantee their work. A company with a list of repeat clients is also a good sign.

At Umbrella Property Services, our exterior cleaning concierge are a team of honest, trustworthy and professional technicians staff ready to make your exteriors shine! With estimates in minutes and services available 6 days a week, you can be sure that our service will impress.  So, give us a call at 1-888-255-4666 if you have any questions about our exterior cleaning concierge service – or want to know what we can do for you to improve your home’s curb appeal.


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