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Insider’s Method to Streak-Free Clean Windows

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Are you frustrated with your windows not being as clean as you’d like? By following our insider’s method to streak free windows, you will be one happy person!

Have your exterior windows been cleaned recently making your interior windows dirtiness jump out at you? Or are you simply tired with trying to clean your homes interior windows and having streaks everywhere? No longer my friends! Simply follow the 7 steps below for streak-free windows.

  1. Gather old newspaper from your recycling.
  2. Get your spray bottle of Windex or better yet, an environmentally friendly solution.
  3. Grab a couple clean microfibre clothes (for clean up of sills)
  4. Starting with your highest and most difficult to reach windows, spray a moderate amount of cleaning solution onto the window.
  5. Using a large crumpled piece of newspaper start cleaning the window in a circular motion (think Karate Kid – Wax On-Wax Off)
  6. Once finished cleaning the window do a last swipe around the edges of the window.
  7. Use a damp microfibre cloth to clean dust off the window sill.

That’s it! Newspapers and cleaning solution is an effective way to clean your windows with everyday household items and ensure no streaks! We recommend changing the newspaper every 3-5 windows or depending on how much solution you use. If the paper is too damp it starts to leave micro pieces of paper on the window.

*Pro Tip* The Sunday paper is a great choice for cleaning as it is a large paper that will easily get the job done 🙂



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