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Effectively Clean Your Inside Windows

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Simple Tips To Effectively Clean Your Inside Windows

You just had your outside windows cleaned and are left with some not so clear areas on your windows. Chances are, it’s a simple matter of cleaning the insides.  Here are a few ways to guarantee a satisfactory outcome.

Clean the screens. If you leave yours in year-round, make sure to give them a good cleaning before starting on your windows — otherwise, all that dried-on dirt may blow into your house the first time you open the windows for ventilation. Simply run your vacuum with its dusting-brush attachment over the side that faces in. (Side to side or top to bottom).

Make the glass gleam. Spray your cleaner on the inside of the glass until it’s heavily misted but not dripping.  With a clean lint-free cloth, wipe horizontally until dry.

Some important considerations:

Pick a cloudy day. Direct sun makes the cleaner dry too quickly, leaving streaks behind.

Choose your cleaning tools wisely. There are many window cleaners on the market including eco friendly options.  Of course you can whip up your own which is just as effective (if not better).  Here’s a popular one you could try:

Mix 1/2 cup of sudsy ammonia, 1 tsp of your favorite dish soap, 1 pint of rubbing alcohol, and enough additional water to make 4 litres solution.  Store in a clearly marked container.

There are also options when it comes to drying your windows such as newspaper, paper towel, soft cloths, etc.  Research shows that one of the best choices is a microfibre cloth.


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