What To Look For When Hiring A Window Cleaner

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Here are five questions you are going to want to ask before choosing a professional contractor to clean your windows:

1. Are they reliable? Will the workers show up when they are scheduled to? We can assure you that our workers will arrive on time unless unforeseen circumstances do not allow them to. And in that case, you will know ahead of time of any changes to the anticipated arrival.

2. Are they insured?· Does the window cleaner have adequate public liability and accident insurance? There are actually small time window cleaners who do not carry adequate insurance…some of them have none at all! To make matters worse, some companies do not practise work safe procedures. An on the job incident that does not have coverage can quickly become your worst nightmare. Here at Umbrella Properties, we are not only properly insured, our workers go through rigorous training to ensure that safety is strictly adhered to.

3. Does the window cleaner take health and safety seriously? Every year we hear of accidents on the job. Many, if not all of them, were preventable. We take this very seriously. We are now using water fed poles for most of our window cleaning jobs which eliminates the need for ladders, immediately decreasing the risk of accidents.

4. Honesty. Can you trust your window cleaner to be around your property? Our staff go through a very thorough interview procedure. We want to make sure that they are not only suited for the work involved, but also have a strong work ethic with customer satisfaction as their focus at all times. Our workers are well versed in all areas that are of most concern to our clients. We are pleased that we have been able to maintain a high level of trust with our clients that has allowed us to service them year after year.

5. Professionalism. Does the window cleaner take the job seriously? As mentioned above, our workers number one focus is customer satisfaction. They are trained to work efficiently while implementing high standards of safety. Our equipment is in alignment with safety regulations and our staff are reliable and thoroughly trained. You can rest assured that your property will receive the best of care!

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