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Simple Green Changes

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Living green is simply adopting habits that positively affect the environment. It starts with just small steps like using reusable bags instead of plastic or switching to a reusable to go cup for your coffee runs. Here are a few other simple changes you can make around your home that will positively impact your family, community, and ultimately the planet.

  • Composting your food and yard waste reduces the amount of garbage that you send to landfills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Use non-toxic natural cleaners like water, vinegar and baking soda, cornstarch and lemon. Click here for an extensive outline on how these natural products can be used.
  • Recycled glass reduces related air pollution by 20% and related water pollution by 50%. If it isn’t recycled, it can take a million years to decompose.
  • If you must water your lawn, do it early in the morning so that moisture is not lost to evaporation. Spray a little vinegar to get rid of pesky weeds. Let normal clippings act as a natural fertilizer.
  • There are many services that can help reduce the clutter in your mailbox, saving trees and the precious space on your counter tops.
  • Get rid of your lighter. Most lighters are made out of plastic and filled with butane fuel, both petroleum products. Since most lighters are considered “disposable,” over 1.5 billion end up in landfills each year. When choosing matches, pick cardboard over wood. Wood matches come from trees, whereas most cardboard matches are made from recycled paper.
  • Pay bills online. By some estimates, if every household in Canada did this, we would save 9 million trees every year.
  • Lose the plastic bags. It is estimated that 90% of people still use plastic bags for their shopping. They are not biodegradable, and are making their way into our oceans, and subsequently, the food chain. Stronger, reusable bags are an inexpensive option and readily available.
  • Plant a tree. It’s good for the air, the land, can shade your house and save on cooling (plant on the west side of your home), and they can also improve the value of your property.
  • Wrap creatively. You can reuse gift bags, bows and even paper, but you can also make something unique by using old maps, cloth or even newspaper. Flip a paper grocery bag inside out and give your child stamps or markers to create their own wrapping paper that’s environmentally friendly and extra special for the recipient.

And last, but certainly not least, keep those windows clean, allowing natural light and heating to flood your home. We can help you with that…..give us a call!

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