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Washing Windows in the Rain: Exposing the Myth

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Thinking to have your windows cleaned but you hear that there is rain in the forecast?  Well here in Vancouver, you might wait a long time if you believe that rain will undo the time and effort, not to mention the expense of having your windows properly cleaned.

 You can quickly tell the professional window cleaners from the amateurs by the ones who will reschedule due to rain.  Experienced window cleaners know that in fact, rainwater is clean water and will do nothing to take away from your clean windows.

The major causes of dirty windows are dust, pollen and droppings.  It these are present when it rains, the after effects of rain will often make your windows look even worse.  However, when your windows are clean, the rain will simply run off and the glass remains clean.

So if you see an abundance of window cleaners on a warm sunny day, this just adds to the belief that window washing is best left for those dry days.  More often than not, the workers would simply prefer to stay dry themselves.  Of course if there are high winds and excessive rain causing safely issues, that’s a different story.

Why wait?  Rain should not stop you from having your windows cleaned.  Why not deal with the dirt that is hampering your view and keeping you from experiencing the full benefit of those rays of light when the sun does shine.

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