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Winter Property Maintenance: What You Need To Know

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Winter property maintenance is just as important as maintaining your home in the summer. It helps prevent damage, gutter problems, and leaks while ensuring your home is a safe environment to live in. 

While it doesn’t seem like the best time to be cleaning the exterior of your home, it’s a key time to ensure your home is prepared and protected against all weather conditions.

Discover the four areas of your home you should keep maintained in winter, in particular.

Winter Property Maintenance Tips

1. Gutter Maintenance 

Clear gutters prevent gutter damage, water build-up, and leaks. Ensuring your gutters are always clear and working properly is important, especially during winter in BC, where we are exposed to a variety of weather conditions. 

Gutter cleaning is one of those tasks that you keep putting off the to-do list, but delaying the process could mean that you have more work on your hands later on. 

Check your gutters frequently. If you suspect a blockage, leak, or any damage, be sure to speak to a gutter cleaning specialist before the problem develops further.

Read more about the importance of gutter cleaning in your Vancouver home here


2. Window Cleaning

Should I clean my windows in the winter? We all ask ourselves why clean windows are important when we have the rain and snow to do it for us. Well, unfortunately, rain and snow add to the problem rather than solve it! Ensuring your windows get regularly cleaned throughout the year helps them stay in optimum condition.

Part of our window cleaning process is checking for gaps, leaks, or cracks, as well as removing any build-ups of dirt or mildew that can develop into problems later on. 


3. Exterior Cleaning

While your windows are important to keep maintained, we would recommend ensuring your home’s exterior is frequently cleaned to prevent problems arising on roof tiles, cladding, and patio areas. Keeping the outside of your home clean and maintained during winter months isn’t just about curb appeal, it’s about saving money in the long-term, and preventing long-lasting damage. 


4. Drainage 

How often do you check if your drains are clear? Drains can often get clogged with leaves, wind debris, and everything else that comes with winter in BC. 

As part of our gutter cleaning service, we ensure your property’s drainage system is in good working condition, preventing flooding, debris buildup, and drainage damage. 

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to give your property a little maintenance, it probably is.


Your Local Property Maintenance Service

At Umbrella Property Services, we are more than just an exterior cleaning service; we can deliver health and safety checks, downspout checks, and condition inspections for your gutters and home exterior. 

Take away the hassle and safety risks of taking on these property maintenance tasks yourself and get a quote for our property maintenance services here in the Greater Vancouver Area.

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